Frizzlife SP99 Under sink water filter- Price, Performance & installation

Are you looking for a water filter at an affordable cost? There are just too many options available for you in the market. 

All of these water filters would differ based on their brands, efficacy, purification process, and most importantly, on their respective price points.

Therefore, you can assume, finding out a budget-friendly water filter that lasts longer and gives you tasty and pure water can be very tricky. It will require a lot of market analysis.

Getting overwhelmed? Worry not, we have covered on that front already. After a rigorous market analysis, we would like to recommend a robust water filter at a reasonable price.

The product that we’ll be discussing in this post is the Frizzlife SP99 3 stage Under sink water filter.  We’ll be covering everything- from cost to performance and installation.

Therefore, if you’re curious to get some details into the product, stay tuned.

Why should you trust products from Frizzlife?

First, let’s start by getting a little insight into the brand. The Frizzlife company has been working to provide efficient water solutions for a long, long time.

With the motto of providing economic and environment-friendly water products at your home, they will satisfy your demands with excellent customer service.

The Frizzlife SP99 Under sink water filter comes with the promise of serving you pure and fresh drinking water at affordable pricing.

The 3 stage water filter has quickly become a best seller water filter after coming out in the market. That has been possible due to its high-quality, longer-lasting design.

Now that you know a little bit about the Frizzlife brand, let’s learn more about the product and why it stands out among the crowd.

Highlighted features of the Frizzlife SP99 3 Stage Under sink water filter

What are the components of the Frizzlife SP99 3 Stage Under sink water filter?

As we’ve already mentioned that the Frizzlife SP99 comes with a traditional yet innovative design. This allows it to purify your drinking water with high efficiency.

Now, the components of the 3 stage water filter are listed below.

  • 5-10 micron sediment filter
  • 3-5 micron carbon block filter
  • 0.5-micron carbon block filter
  • Lead-free faucet
  • Tubings and other accessories

So, let’s discuss those in detail.

The sediment filter removes the dust and rust

The first stage consists of a sediment filter. From the name alone, you can guess what it does.

As you know, the water we get from water treatment plants gets collected from the natural sources. During the water cycle, the rainwater rushes to the sources running over the land.

On the way, it picks up clay, sand, soil, dust, parts of debris, and other insoluble particles. Then, the water goes through the treatment process where it loses some of those pollutants.

But, the water treatment plants can’t remove those all. That’s not all. The distribution pipes spread all over the cities are old to some extent.

As a result, it’s easier for clay particles to seep into the distribution system as well. So, you can guess, the supply of water we’re getting will also carry some of those pollutants.

That’s why the sediment filter is so important. It works like a sieve with microscopic openings in it. In the Frizzlife SP99, the openings have a diameter of 10 microns.

So, you realize, not too many particles can get through the openings. As the supply water enters into the filter, the parts of debris, sand, or dust particles will get filtered at the entrance.

In this fashion, the sediment filter plays a vital role in keeping your drinking water fresh and pure.

The Carbon filters remove the odor, Chlorine and organic pollutants

After the sediment filter, comes two consecutive Carbon block filters. These carbon block filters work as the powerhouse for the filter system.

Now, let’s learn a thing or two about these blocks of Carbon. The blocks are composed of activated Carbon which differs from the natural Carbon we see always.

Many of us are familiar with the absorption capacity of Carbon blocks. The carbon blocks create a strong crystal-like structure that can trap the pollutant molecules.

The Frizlife SP99 Under sink water filter employs this distinct ability of the Carbon molecules. Now, why do we use the word ‘activated’?

If we can somehow increase the surface area of the Carbon blocks, it will be able to trap more and more pollutants. To accomplish this, chunks of Carbon are crushed into granules.

Also, the Carbon granules get heated at a high temperature. This high pressure and temperature change the molecular structure of the carbon blocks.

As a result, the surface area increases, and in turn, the carbon blocks can absorb more and more pollutants from the water. Carbon produced in this fashion is called activated Carbon.

Now, the first Carbon block of the Frizzlife SP99 water filter removes odor, Chlorine, and residue silt, sediment particles from the previous stage.

The number “3-5 micron” denotes that particles with dimensions higher than this won’t be able to get past the filter.

The other Carbon filter necessarily performs the same job but with higher precision. In this case, particles, with length or width above 0.5 microns, will get trapped in the filter.

The second filter will remove most of the microbial life forms, Chloramine, Flouride, and other organic pollutants from the water. As a result, your water gets clean and fresh.

So, you see, the setting of a sediment filter and two Carbon block filters remove most of the pollutants from your drinking water.

The faucet and tubings have food grade quality

Now, let’s talk about the final parts which are the faucet, tubings, and housings.

The faucet is made of Brushed Nickel. Furthermore, the lead-free faucet is stainless as well. As a result, the faucet lasts longer.

In addition to that, the stylish design of the faucet will add to the beauty of your countertop. Moreover, the efficient design ensures enough flow rate at the output.

The tubings and housings also consist of eco-friendly products. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your health or environment when you’re using the filter.

Therefore, with three stages of filtration and efficient faucet, the product will meet your demand for pure and tasty drinking water for a long, long time.

Installation: How to install the Frizzlife SP99 Under sink water filter

Now, let’s focus on the installation portion for the Frizzlife SP99 Under sink water filter. Unlike other products in this category, the product offers a simple DIY installation approach.

So, let’s take a look at the step by step installation guide.

Understanding the quick connects

Installing the filter assembly and tubings

Installing the faucet

Also, if you’re looking for a video tutorial, feel free to check out the official installation video from Frizzlife here.

Maintenance: How often should you replace the cartridges of the Frizzlife SP99 Water filter?

Let’s talk about maintenance. Like all the other water filters you might find in the marketplace, this one also requires periodic maintenance. 

To get pure and freshwater continuously, you’ll need to replace the cartridges after a certain period. 

For example, it is recommended to replace the first stage of the filter every 6 months. But, if you’re using water from an underground well, the sediment filter might not last that long.

Then, the first Carbon block filter has an estimated lifespan of 8-12 months. On the other hand, the second Carbon block filter can last from 12-18 months.

Now, we’ve created a list showing you the replacement filters and their respective duration for Frizzlife SP99 3 stage Under sink water filter. Take a look.

Name of Replacement FilterFilter typeDuration or LifespanProduct ImageAmazon link
Frizzlife M3001Sediment Filter3-6 monthsCheck on Amazon
Frizzlife M30021st Carbon Block filter8-12 monthsCheck on Amazon
Frizzlife M30032nd Carbon Block filter12-18 monthsCheck on Amazon

Replacing the cartridges is pretty straightforward. First, you need to shut off the water supply valve. Then, take out the cartridge you want to replace. 

Now, open the covering with a wrench and replace the old cartridge with a new one. After that, insert the filter back into the housing.

Price Analysis: Is the Frizzlife SP99 worth its price?

Now, let’s look into the pricing. As you’ve seen already, the Frizzlife SP99 Under sink water filter comes as a set up of multiple filters within itself.

With three stages and a high-quality faucet, it will serve you pure and fresh water for a long period.

That’s not all. If you face any kind of difficulty during the installation and maintenance, Frizzlife offers you uncompromising customer support.

Considering all these, the product comes at a reasonable cost. So, if you’re looking for an economic solution of pure water for your home or office, Frizzlife SP99 can be a perfect choice.

So, why are you still waiting? Come, take a look here on Amazon.

At a glance: Pros and cons of the Frizzlife SP99 3 Stage Under sink water filter



Final Verdict

In this article, we talked about various aspects of having a Frizzlife SP99 3 stage Under sink water filter at your home.

With three stages of filtration, the product provides you clean and pure water at an affordable cost. It will also ensure you get your drinking water fast.

That’s why if you’re looking for an innovative water product for pure drinking water, you should take a good look at the Frizzlife SP99 water filter.

You can check out the product here on Amazon. We hope we answered all your questions about Frizzlife SP99. If you’re looking for the current top water filters, check out our article here.


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