Does a water cooler dispenser purify water?

Does a water cooler dispenser purify water?

In this day and age, you will find water dispensers almost everywhere. Working late in the office, shopping for your groceries, or waiting to get into your flight- whenever and wherever you feel thirsty, water dispensers or water coolers become the solution.

Knowingly or unknowingly, they are becoming an indispensable part of our day-to-day life. So, why do water dispensers get such unprecedented popularity? 

In addition to offering cool and hot water, they can come with other benefits. Despite being such a handy home appliance, there are a few unanswered questions on water dispensers.

The most conspicuous of them all is whether the water coolers can purify water or not. Worry not. In our post, we’ll be answering all your questions on that. 

So, stay tuned. Let’s go.

Can a water dispenser purify water?

Most water dispensers can’t purify the water inside. Only a handful of those come with an Ultraviolet (UV) ray chamber that cleanses the microbial lifeforms. On this note, only the premium water cooler dispensers offer a self-cleaning feature. It helps prevent the growth of germs inside.

While writing this article, we went through more than 50 of the best-selling water cooler dispensers. But, only one of them comes with a limited purifying capacity which is the Euhomy Self-cleaning water dispenser. It uses UV light to get rid of microbial organisms. You can check out the product here on Amazon.

Generally, we load about 3-5 gallons of purified water into a water dispenser. Then, we get cold and hot water out of it. Therefore, its sole purpose is to serve you water at various temperatures with a more user-friendly interface other than faucets.

That’s why almost none of the water dispensers can’t purify water. Self-cleaning helps the coolers to the inner tubes and chambers remain healthy and clean. The process might run periodically. Also, it might be automatic or manually operated.

Even the self-cleaning feature might only be available in the flagship ones. So, you see, almost none of the water dispensers can purify water. And you can check out our post here to find more ways to clean water.

Does the water dispenser have a filter?

Commercial water dispensers that we use in our everyday life don’t come with a built-in purifier or filter. At best, they would provide you with a UV ray chamber to get rid of the microbial germs.

As we’ve tested out 56 of the best water cooler dispensers, we’ve found the UV ray chamber in only one of those. So, you see, it isn’t compulsory for water dispensers to offer purification.

Even if a handful of the water cooler dispensers come with UV light protection, it wouldn’t work against sediment and other impurities. Therefore, you need to install a water filter to purify the tap water.

The filter will clear out the dust, rust, and other sediment particles from the water. On top of that, if you’re using reverse osmosis water filters, you will get water free from Chlorine, Arsenic, and Lead.

So, you realize you need to keep filtered water in the dispenser bottle as the dispensers can’t purify water. You can check out our post here to find out the best reverse osmosis water filters. Click here to find out.

What does a self-cleaning water dispenser mean?

In addition to offering hot and cool water instantly, premium water dispensers also come with a self-cleaning feature. It allows the water cooler dispenser to keep its tank and tubes clean by itself.

More than 60% of the water dispensers in the market come with this self-cleaning feature. But, what does it mean? Let’s explain further. 

Water dispensers have tanks and tubings inside. Over time, germs can make their way inside the device. As a result, you will find biofilms growing inside the water lines. 

That’s where the self-cleaning comes in. In most cases, it consists of an ozone-producing layer. As you switch on the feature, ozone gets injected into the system. It gets rid of all microbial lifeforms from the product body. And as a result, the dispenser becomes sanitary. After that, the ozone safety converts into oxygen. 

In other cases, the dispensers come with UV light protection. It will periodically turn on to kill the microscopic organisms in the water. 

Due to regular usage, the water cooler dispensers can become a budding space for viruses and bacteria. The self-cleaning process helps to mitigate this concern by wiping out germs.

Therefore, you realize, a self-cleaning water dispenser will save you from the hassle of frequent maintenance. If you’re looking for a top-class self-cleaning water cooler dispenser, you can check out the Avalon self-cleaning water dispenser. In addition to self-cleaning, it offers three different temperature settings and aesthetic designs. Check out the product here on Amazon.


Now, let’s recap before we conclude. Throughout this post, we have discussed whether a water dispenser can purify water or not. According to the outcome of our meticulous market research, only a handful of the water coolers offer such functionality.

As a result, you need to install a water filter to purify your tap water. Then, you can inject the purified water into your water dispenser. Speaking of water filters, you can invest in reverse osmosis or RO water filters. These filters get rid of the soluble and insoluble pollutants from the water. And, if it comes with an alkaline unit, the water gets back its pure and natural taste with minerals. If you’d like to know more about RO filters, check out our post here. 

Coming aside, we’ve discussed the self-cleaning feature of premium water dispensers. It makes the tube, tank, and water lines are always sanitary. 

So, hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about whether water dispensers can purify or not. If you’ve any further queries, feel free to leave those in the comments. Also, if you’d like to read more informative articles like this, you should check out our blog page here. Cheers!!!

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