Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis Water filter System

Brondell Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System- Complete Review

Reverse osmosis filtration systems are currently the most trusted water purifiers everywhere. But, those have a bad reputation.

A conventional RO water filter wastes more water than it purifies. Worry not. There is a new generation of RO filter systems emerging to solve this issue.

The Circle Reverse Osmosis Water Filter from Brondell is one of those. With its innovative technology, it makes sure there is less water going to drain. 

That’s not all. The product also offers other benefits as well. In this article, we’ll explore everything you need to know about the Brondell circle RO filter system. 

So, stay tuned. Let’s start.

Some short insights into Brondell

Starting its journey back in 2003, Brondell Inc. has established itself as a leading company to serve its consumers versatile home products at affordable costs.

Over the years, the Brondell company has gained trust all over the world. With the incorporation of innovations, it has become a popular name with a variety of high-quality products.

The Circle reverse osmosis water filter belongs to the series of cutting-edge water purifiers from Brondell. As a result, inside it, you will find a combo of quality and inventiveness.

That’s not all. You will find more than these reasons why the product stands out. We’ll cover all those in detail.

Highlighted features of the Brondell RC100 Circle Reverse Osmosis Water filter

What is the formation of the Brondell Circle RO purifier?

The Brondell Circle RO purifier comes with a variety of features inside. Firstly, the product offers an innovative water-saving technology into a smart and compact design.

If you take a look at the conventional RO purifiers, you will find most of those bulky and taking up too much space in your home.

The Brondell Circle RO purifier will relieve you of this issue. Its modern design will surely add some fresh outlook to your kitchen.  

That’s not all. It will also save you more space compared to most RO purifiers out there. The unique design contains the RO tank inside.

As a result, it will release some extra space compared with other RO water filters out there. WIth the dark-colored cylindrical shape, it will nicely be a trusting companion in your modern kitchen.

What are the filtration stages inside the Brondell Circle RO Water Filter?

The Brondell RC100 Circle reverse osmosis water filter comes with four stages of filtration. Those are as follows-

  • Stage one- Sediment filter
  • Stage two- Pre-Carbon plus filter
  • Stage three- RO membrane filter
  • Stage four- Post-Carbon block filter

As you probably know, most of us get our water from municipal water supplies. Before that, the water goes through large water treatment plants.

Inside those, the water gets stripped of numerous pollutants. But, as these plants treat a bulk amount of water at a time, it is nearly impossible to purify it all.

Most importantly, water treatment plants use bleaching agents like Chlorine to disinfect water. And, in most cases, it gets carried into our tap water.

That’s why the Brondell Circle RO water filter provides you four layers of purification. The sediment filter traps out the dust, rust, sand, and other sediment particles.

Then, there is the pre-Carbon filter, which absorbs pollutants like Chloride, Fluoride, and other organic chemicals. It also gets rid of the VOCs and plastics.

After that, the RO membrane comes into work. Harmful chemicals like lead, arsenic, fluoride, or any germ can’t get past the semipermeable membrane.

Then, the highly purified water gets into the dual-layer reservoir. Then, as you open the faucet, the water goes through the post-carbon block filter.

It gets rid of any secondary pollution and gives your water a refreshing taste. In this fashion, the Brondell four-stage RO purifier works.

How does the Brondell RO system save water?

Apart from its sleek design, the Brondell Circle reverse osmosis water filter stands out by saving water. On average, it will save about ten times more water compared to other RO purifiers.

Thanks to the patented flexible reservoir technology. It significantly reduces the back-pressure as water enters the RO chamber.

As a result, less water goes to the drain. On the other hand, the conventional RO filters come with a RO storage tank with less room. 

Therefore, there is a backlog of water inside the systems, and water won’t refill fast enough. But, with the flexible reservoir inside, the Brondell RO system would eliminate all these.

Inside, the air pressure is high enough to propel the water to the faucet in time. That’s how the Brondell Circle RO system saves you a lot of water.

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