Best Water Distillers/ Distillation systems- complete buyers' guide

Best water distillers in 2024- (Complete Buyers’ Guide)

Many of us like to drink bottled water when we’re out. As those contain distilled water, those bottles are the source of pure water for us.

That’s why most of us also prefer distilled water at home as well. But, buying those bottles can pile up on top of your water bills. There is another way around.

You guessed it. We’re talking about home water distillers. With these affordable products, you can create your very own distilled water at home.

Moreover, this can save you a lot of money as well. In this article, we’ll be talking about the best water distillers that are currently ruling in the market. 

That’s not all. We’ll also show you some known and lesser-known facts about distilled water. So, stay tuned.

List of the best water distillers

Choosing the best water distiller for yourself can be tricky. It depends on various factors like design, efficiency, and, most importantly, the budget.

There are so many options out there. Don’t worry. We have picked the best ones for your convenience. Take a look below.

Reviews of the best water distillers

Now, let’s dive right into the reviews of our top picks and discuss where they stand out.

Megahome Countertop Water distiller

The first product on our list is the Megahome Countertop water distiller. Coming from the Megahome corporation, it offers you fresh distilled water at an affordable cost.

The product consists of a stainless steel interior and exterior. It also comes with a glass bottle to hold the distilled water after it cools down.

As a result, the water doesn’t come in contact with any plastic, and you get rid of all the toxic plastic bottles. That’s how it will help you save the environment.

Apart from the design, the product can also distill water at a faster rate. On average, it will take up to 5.5 hours to purify every gallon of water.

Inside the boiling chamber, water boils at 100-degree Celsius. The heat kills all the germs and microorganisms within and disinfects the water.

That’s not all. As the steam rises to the cooling chamber, it would shrug off the remaining pollutants. As a result, the water becomes purer. But, still, it can contain Chlorine.

That can happen as Chlorine has a lower boiling point than water. Therefore, at the opening of the distiller, there is an activated carbon filter.

It would absorb Chlorine and other remaining materials if any. As a result, you get pure, distilled water in the glass bottle.

The filter remains in the form of a charcoal sachet just before the porcelain nozzle. In addition to all these, you will also get a cleaner to remove waste from the boiling chamber.

Now, let’s talk about safety. As the product handles electricity and high temperature both at the same time, it needs to comply with enough safety standards.

Worry not. It has a UL certification and conforms to all of the US electrical safety set points. That’s how it ensures you safe and pure distilled water fast.

With all these features available, the product comes at a very reasonable cost. You will also get a warranty period of one year.

So, you see, with a great stainless design and glass bottle, the Megahome countertop water distiller can be your perfect replacement for bottled water.

So, why are you waiting? Come, check it out here on Amazon. Here’s the link.

Best-In-Class Stainless Steel & Glass Carafe Water Distiller

The next product on our list is another distiller with a classic design, the Best-in-class stainless steel water distiller from the H2Olabs brand.

With its elegant design, ease of use, and high quality, the product can be an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable water distiller. 

Firstly, the distillation system consists of grade 304 stainless steel at the boiling chamber and the cooling coil. As a result, there is no chance of water coming into contact with plastic.

As a result, you get water free from germs and BPA. To filter the volatile components from the water, you will get a one year supply of activated carbon pods.

These pods will work to absorb components like Chlorine or VOCs that can still follow the steam due to low boiling points.

Therefore, you can see, the product ensures you get pure and clean distilled water without much effort. That’s not all. On average, it can distill up to four gallons of water a day.

The UL approved distiller also comes with an optimal design. As a result, it makes sure the water gets heated all round during distillation. 

The built-in smart technology will automatically shut off as soon as there is no water at the boiling chamber. Hence, you won’t have to worry about overheating.

There is also a fail-safe fuse to ensure safety from electrical hazards. Also, having a compact design makes it portable and easy to carry around.

Along with all these, you will get a glass carafe and a large jar of cleaning crystals to wipe out the residues from the boiling chamber.

In addition to all these, the product comes at a very reasonable cost. Also, it will last a long period if you take good care. You will also get a one year warranty period.

So, what do you think? Is the product worth your money? Check out what other customers think of the distiller here on Amazon.

Pure Water Mini-Classic Countertop Water Distiller

The next product on our list is a high-end product with not so traditional outlook. In truth, it comes with the looks of the next generation of water distillers.

The name is Mini Classic countertop distiller from the Pure Water brand. With its cubic design and high efficiency, the product has quickly gained popularity among people all over.

Now, let’s see what’s inside the device. As we mentioned earlier, it comes with a cubic housing, unlike most of the distillers out there. Inside, you will find three compartments.

The bottom one on the left holds the boiling tank. You can easily take it out and refill with water as it runs out. It consists of stainless steel. Water vapor from here moves on to the top.

On the top shelf remains the condensing unit. The steam cools down there and turns into liquid again. Finally, pure distilled water drops down on the glass jar at the remaining portion.

As there is no plastic anywhere, water will be free from BPA or any other secondary pollutants. You will get 99% of pure distilled water from the device.

That’s not all. Its incredible dual purity vents will remove the volatile components, and the activated carbon filter will get rid of the Chlorine. As a result, you get pure and freshwater.

Furthermore, the product purifies approximately three liters of water every 3.5 hours. Setting it up is quick and comfortable as well.

Just plug in the power chord, and you’re good to go. Make sure it stands horizontally. It will ensure maximum efficiency. Also, it complies with all the safety standards as well.

The price might seem a bit too high. But considering all the features, the Mini Classic Countertop Distiller can be a superb choice for you. Check it out here on Amazon.

Waterwise 9000 Compact Tabletop Water Distiller

Number four on our list is the Waterwise 9000 Compact tabletop water distiller. With its compact design, it will surely catch your eyes in no time.

Apart from its sleek design, the product offers other features as well. For example, it will purify five gallons of tap water every day.

Like all the other water distillers on our list, this one also consists of stainless steel. It also makes the product durable and keeps the water contracting any plastic or BPA.

As a result, you get pure distilled water free from any germs or polymers. You will find a polycarbonate water collector with the product.

The distiller operates at 750W electric power and boils water at 212-degree Fahrenheit or 100-degree Celsius. The high temperature kills all the viruses or bacterias in the water.

Like all the distillers, there is a chance that the purified water contains some VOCs. To remove those organic molecules, you will get one activated Carbon post-filter cup.

It will absorb all the organic compounds from the water. The only thing is the product comes at a slightly higher price.

But, considering its design and other features, it will surely make up for the money you put into it. You can check out the product here on Amazon.

H2O Labs Model 200 Water Distiller

Number five on our list is another water distiller with a fancy design and modern outlook. The product is the Easy-fill water distiller from the famous brand H2O Labs.

With its sleek and light-weight design, the distiller will surely catch your eyes, no doubt. That’s not all. It will serve you pure and clean distilled water for a long time as well.

The distiller will produce one gallon of purified water in five hours. At this rate, you’ll get about four gallons of distilled water a day, which is common in most distillers out there.

Apart from this, the product comes with a heavy-duty stainless steel model. As a result, you get high quality distilled water all the time.

Also, there is no chance of any volatile component to remain in the purified water. So, if you want germ and plastic-free distilled water, the H2O labs’ distiller can be a great choice.

The device operates at 110/120V. That makes it compatible all over North America. Besides, the maintenance is easy as well. 

On this note, you should clean up the residue from the boiling chamber regularly. The system is highly energy-efficient, as well. 

There is a LED indicator to remind you when all the water gets purified. Setting up is simple as well. Just plug it in, and you’re good to go

The product also conforms with all the safety regulations as well. It will automatically shut down when all the water turns to steam. 

That’s not all. It comes with safety against heating and over current as well. So, you see, the H2O Labs countertop water distiller is an excellent choice when it comes to purified water.

Along with all these, the distiller comes at a reasonable cost. You can check out the product here on Amazon.

OUBO 4L Pure Water Distiller

Next in line is another great product, the 4L Pure Water Distiller from the brand OUBO. With useful features, it can be your reliable choice when it comes to distilled water.

Like the traditional water distillers, it also has a boiling chamber and a cooling coil. All these consist of stainless steel. 

In the end, you will get a cylindrical container of glass. So, you see, there is no plastic in the way. As a result, the water you get will be free from any BPA.

That’s not all. As the water boils at 100-degree Celsius, there will be no germ or parasite. Also, if the water contains any inorganic pollutants, those won’t be able to follow the steam.

In this fashion, the distiller makes sure you get pure and clean distilled water away from any germs or pollutants. 

The product also complies with all the safety regulations. There is no need for any installation. It is pretty easy to operate. Just pour water into the boiling chamber and plug it in.

You won’t have to worry about anything. As all the water gets distilled, it will automatically shut down. That’s not all. The device has thermostatic protection as well.

If the temperature rises above the safety limit, it will shut down on its own. Apart from all these features, the product comes at a reasonable price as well.

If you want to know more details, you should check out the product here on Amazon.

CO-Z Countertop Water Distiller

Next on our list is the countertop distiller from the famous brand CO-Z. With its efficient design, the product is hugely popular among households all over.

Let’s start with the design. The product casts a stylish outlook with its all-white design. Also, there are stainless structures inside.

The entire steam chamber and the condensing coil consists of steel. As a result, the product will be free from any plastic or BPA.

That’s not all. The distiller will get rid of all the bacterias, viruses, organic or inorganic pollutants from the water. Moreover, there is an activated charcoal filter.

It will remove all the volatile organic components, and you get pure and clean distilled water in no time. The product is also well-known for its faster yield.

You can distill up to 6 gallons of water each day with the distiller. Apart from all these, it also complies with all the safety standards.

The system is easy to operate. Plug it in, and you’re good to go. As distillation takes time, you don’t have to worry about it when it finishes.

It will automatically shut off as the water level goes down too low. Also, you’ll get protection against overheating. If the temperature goes above 160 O Celsius, it will shut down.

In addition to all these, it also comes with a customized detergent to help you clean the residue. Moreover, you will also get one year of warranty.

With all these at your disposal, it is still one of the low-budget distillers out there. Why don’t you check it out here on Amazon? Here’s a link.

OLizee 304 Stainless Steel Water Distiller

Another hugely popular distiller on our list is the OLizee 304 Stainless Steel water distiller. The design and cost make it one of the top water distillers in town.

The product resembles most of the conventional distillers out there. As the name suggests, the interior consists of stainless steel. 

Once inside, the water can’t come into contact with any kind of plastic. As a result, you can say plastic or BPA goodbye. You will also get a glass jar to store the distilled water.

Inside, the water slowly turns into steam as you turn on the device. If there are any organic or inorganic pollutants, those won’t be able to follow the vapor.

Inside the cooling coil, the steam will condense and turn into water. Then, it will drip down in the glass jar. The high temperature makes sure the product water is germ-free.

The system takes in 750W of electrical power and distills about four liters of water in each cycle. Also, the distiller is easy to operate.

Unlike the water filters or purifiers, you won’t have to worry about regular maintenance. You only need to keep the boiling chamber clean after every six cycles. 

So, considering all the features the product offers, it comes at a great price. Therefore, it can be your budget choice when it comes to water distillers.

You can check out its current price here on Amazon.

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